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NUMISHEET 2018(講演、出展)

Altairは、NUMISHEET 2018にて講演、出展いたします。


Altairは、操作性、精度、スケーラビリティに優れた、最新のプレス成形シミュレーションソフトウェア「Inspire Form」の講演、展示を行います。

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日 程:2018年7月30日(月)~8月3日(金)※講演日時は未定です
タイトル:Recent Developments in Multi-disciplinary Applications of Stamping Simulation
講演者:Dr. Subir Roy(Altair Engineering, Inc.)

概 要:Traditionally stamping simulation has focused on assessment of manufacturability at early product design phase and for process validation at the downstream phase. In the recent years, there has been an increasing trend towards expanding the scope of stamping simulation to integrate with other CAE domains such as structural CAE, composite materials, fatigue, safety, optimization, CFD, casting and lately 3D printing. The enablers are, highly streamlined graphical user interfaces for modeling and visualization combined with accurate, robust and scalable multi-physics solvers. In this talk, industrial case studies are presented on topography optimization and initialization of sheet metal parts with manufacturing results to improve structural stiffness, process optimization of complex stampings via highly scalable and accurate explicit analyses, topology optimization and manufacturability of stamping die structures, and thermo-forming of composite materials.


日 程:2018年7月30日(月)~8月3日(金)
会 場:ホテル イースト21東京